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Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

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Choosing a wedding ring should not be an afterthought. You have agonized over the engagement ring, found the perfect match for your spouse-to-be, proposed and she said yes.
You are planning and looking forward to the wedding. But, you need to have those special rings ready when the officiant says “may I have the rings please.” As the visible symbol exchanged on that special occasion the wedding rings are too important for an afterthought.

Wedding rings come as sets or as a band for engagement rings.

They are exchanged at the wedding ceremony and the wedding ring is always placed on the bottom closest to the heart with the engagement ring above on the same finger. There isn’t necessarily a significant difference between wedding rings and wedding bands. However, convention dictates that wedding rings do not necessarily have to be worn with the engagement ring. They can be worn as standalone rings and as such they can be more intricately designed than a wedding band.

The wedding band is normally a complement to the engagement ring.

Wedding rings can, therefore, be a perfect match with the engagement ring if bought together. Since they do not have to exactly match the engagement ring, a unique combination of both rings to display the personality of the wearer may be ideal. They can each carry their own unique components and therefore easily distinguishable. You can, therefore, choose a stylized wedding ring. You may also want to try out our bridal ring builder.

If you buy your wedding and engagement rings together it allows you to match the rings and wedding bands for both partners closely if desired.  His and hers sets or unique designs, diamond wedding rings set the stage for a beautiful ceremony. With opportunities to mix and match metals, for example, white and yellow gold, this allows for a range of accentuation with other jewelry.

Whatever your preference…

A high-end exclusive jeweler will be able to meet your requirements to find the perfect wedding rings to mark that big day. It will be the gift of a lifetime that symbolizes that love and commitment between two persons.

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