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Diamonds offer us a rare and impressive way to mark an occasion and say, “I love you.” Where you buy your diamonds is as important as the gems themselves. MJ shines not only as a treasured jewel in Las Vegas history, but also as a place for our guests to call home. Since 1939, MJ Christensen Diamonds is fully committed to principles of honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, excellence in guest service, and most importantly, relationship building. While we carry an unparalleled selection of exclusive designer brands, fine jewelry and responsibly sourced diamonds, what drives us each day is a genuine love for our communities.

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We look forward to seeing you in our store as we hope to get to know you, not just sell you a diamond. Visit the team at MJ and you will feel the warmth and true love of jewelry from a professional staff. Whether you are looking to learn more about diamonds, on the search for her perfect engagement ring, having your treasured jewelry repaired, appraised or would like to share stories of jewelry from your family, MJ demonstrates the highest level of service and responsibility.

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Custom jewelry design is a jewelry of any design you could possibly imagine. MJ Christensen custom designed jewelry allows you to only be limited by your imagination. The design can be absolutely anything you can think of. There is a perfect opportunity for you to pick and choose your design elements to create the perfect gift for yourself or someone else with custom jewelry design Las Vegas. In order to get everything perfect, you must take the necessary time to make sure the drawing is exactly what you want before fabrication commences. This is a three-dimensional computer generated drawing of your item which can be rings, watches, necklaces, brooches, earrings or bracelets. The very first step to getting the ball rolling in this process is to speak with jewelry design Las Vegas experts about your design. MJ Christensen is a Las Vegas jeweler in Summerlin that will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to specific design elements and also which stones and metals would be best for your item. Since your jeweler is the professional, it would be wise to heed his or her advice! However, you know exactly what you want, so do not be afraid to speak up. Once you have thoroughly discussed the custom jewelry design, you can then expect your jeweler to get back with you with a computer drawing of your design. This is just the beginning template for you to build on. If there is a particular part design that you do not love, then feel free to speak up. After you approve the computer drawing, you will then proceed to fabrication. You will only wait for the custom jewelry design Las Vegas experts to work on your product where they make sure they deliver on the estimated time.

Marriage is a dream which is seen by many a men and women across the world and the start to this is while a proposal is made through Wedding Bands . Each of us hopes to have an exquisite wedding which is the best and fulfills all our desires and also the wishes of our beloved. The city of Las Vegas is cosmopolitan in nature and boasts some of the greatest jewelry stores that sell wedding jewelry. Picking out the ideal one is really crucial because these bands would be staying on across stretch of their marriage. These bands are decided by the groom and also the bride. You can find a lot of types of wedding bands which are available within jewelry stores. Some individuals choose elaborate and comprehensive bands though you will find some who would choose getting easier ones. The Wedding Bands are mostly fashioned from precious metals along with precious stones. These metals would be gold, silver and platinum and the common stones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and many more. The price range for these bands also fluctuates based on the type of metal and stone which are being used. Also, the size of the ring has a large role to play in the overall cost of the bands. Since it is a combination of two bands, the price increases proportionately. MJ Christensen Diamonds has the largest selection of wedding bands in Las Vegas.

Diamonds have always been one of, if not “the” best gifts you can give a loved one. The sparkle, the brilliance, and the elegance that diamonds bring can make any individual fall for it. Seeing a diamond sparkle is truly “love at first sight”. This is why diamonds are very expensive. For the budget minded consumer, synthetic diamonds also exist. However, most people do not know why these diamonds, synthetic or natural, sparkle like stars. Cut – Cut does not refer to shape. When a jeweler says something about “cut”, this actually refers to a diamond’s reflective qualities. If a diamond has a nice cut, then its brilliance will be nice as well. This is the most important of the 4 Cs. The reason for this is that a diamond’s shine is the most effective way to determine how good a diamond is with the use of the naked eye. As they say, a diamond’s heart is determined by its brilliance. Hybrid diamonds have a greater chance of having a nicer cut. This is because experts can control the creation of the diamond as well as how it can be cut more effectively. Question Does cut refer a diamond’s shape? Answer No. A diamond’s cut is reference to the reflective qualities of a diamond. The better the cut, the better its radiance. This is the reason why a diamond sparkles so much. A diamond’s cut determines how much light is reflected. The third is “Color”. This usually refers to a diamond’s absence of color. The clearer the diamond is, the more light can be trapped within it. That is why clear diamonds are expensive. On the other hand, there are actually colored diamonds. These diamonds are valued more because of their color. These colors can range from blue to yellow. Man made diamonds, on the other hand, can be custom made in order to have color. This is because during its process, various substances can be carefully mixed in so that the desired color can be achieved. Finally, the final property is “Carat”. Carat is the weight measurement of diamonds. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Do not be confused with “Karat” with a “K” because this refers to the weight measurement of gold. The natural process of creating diamonds can only create diamonds in little quantities. That is why the bigger the natural diamond is, the more expensive its price. The price of a natural diamond exponentially increases when its carat value increases. Laboratory created diamonds, on the other hand, has a lesser weight to price ratio. This means that you can have a bigger diamond at a lesser price than that of natural diamonds with the same carat value. There you have it, 4 questions regarding the properties of diamonds. Each of these properties determines how good a diamond is.

Marriage is always the most special moment of any individual’s life. This propitious moment adjoins two people together in the bond of love and trust for rest of their life. And when you decide to get married, then choosing right wedding ring is probably the most important task for you. At MJ Christensen Diamonds we have wedding rings and bands available in many different styles and configurations, and you can always choose one that is best for you. If you or your partner prefers diamond, then you can get plenty of wedding rings made of diamond. If you prefer platinum, you can choose rings accordingly. Needless to say, the choices of choosing wedding rings for men and women are endless, and you can choose one as per your preference. And if you want to have identical wedding rings for both of you, then you can choose two unisex rings, and you can show your love and bonding with that.

When your watch fails to function in the right way, it requires to be repaired. To ensure that this is done well, you need to take it to a professional like MJ Christensen to undertake the watch repair. Here are benefits involved. A professional has the ability to repair your watch very fast. We have the skills and knowledge needed to make your watch functional again. So, no time is wasted in the process. Watch repair requires to be done using high tech tools that only experts can afford. Some of these tools are complicated and expensive to buy, and we are well-equipped with the latest and greatest. There are different techniques applied in watch repair. A skilled professional in this area has the ability to detect the actual problem with your watch and apply the right techniques to make it functional again.