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Diamonds offer us a rare and impressive way to mark an occasion and say, “I love you.” Where you buy your diamonds is as important as the gems themselves. MJ shines not only as a treasured jewel in Las Vegas history, but also as a place for our guests to call home. Since 1939, MJ Christensen Diamonds is fully committed to principles of honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, excellence in guest service, and most importantly, relationship building. While we carry an unparalleled selection of exclusive designer brands, fine jewelry and responsibly sourced diamonds, what drives us each day is a genuine love for our communities.

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We look forward to seeing you in our store as we hope to get to know you, not just sell you a diamond. Visit the team at MJ and you will feel the warmth and true love of jewelry from a professional staff. Whether you are looking to learn more about diamonds, on the search for her perfect engagement ring, having your treasured jewelry repaired, appraised or would like to share stories of jewelry from your family, MJ demonstrates the highest level of service and responsibility.

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Custom jewelry design is a jewelry of any design you could possibly imagine. MJ Christensen custom designed jewelry allows you to only be limited by your imagination. The design can be absolutely anything you can think of. There is a perfect opportunity for you to pick and choose your design elements to create the perfect gift for yourself or someone else with custom jewelry design Las Vegas. In order to get everything perfect, you must take the necessary time to make sure the drawing is exactly what you want before fabrication commences. This is a three-dimensional computer generated drawing of your item which can be rings, watches, necklaces, brooches, earrings or bracelets. The very first step to getting the ball rolling in this process is to speak with jewelry design Las Vegas experts about your design. MJ Christensen is a Las Vegas jeweler in Summerlin that will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to specific design elements and also which stones and metals would be best for your item. Since your jeweler is the professional, it would be wise to heed his or her advice! However, you know exactly what you want, so do not be afraid to speak up. Once you have thoroughly discussed the custom jewelry design, you can then expect your jeweler to get back with you with a computer drawing of your design. This is just the beginning template for you to build on. If there is a particular part design that you do not love, then feel free to speak up. After you approve the computer drawing, you will then proceed to fabrication. You will only wait for the custom jewelry design Las Vegas experts to work on your product where they make sure they deliver on the estimated time.

Marriage is a dream which is seen by many a men and women across the world and the start to this is while a proposal is made through wedding rings . Each of us hopes to have an exquisite wedding which is the best and fulfills all our desires and also the wishes of our beloved. The city of Las Vegas is cosmopolitan in nature and boasts some of the greatest jewelry stores that sell wedding jewelry. Picking out the ideal one is really crucial because these bands would be staying on across stretch of their marriage. These bands are decided by the groom and also the bride. You can find a lot of types of wedding bands which are available within jewelry stores. Some individuals choose elaborate and comprehensive bands though you will find some who would choose getting easier ones. Wedding rings ands are mostly fashioned from precious metals along with precious stones. These metals would be gold, silver and platinum and the common stones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and many more. The price range for these bands also fluctuates based on the type of metal and stone which are being used. Also, the size of the ring has a large role to play in the overall cost of the bands. Since it is a combination of two bands, the price increases proportionately. MJ Christensen Diamonds has the largest selection of wedding rings in Las Vegas.

Diamonds have always been one of, if not “the” best gifts you can give a loved one. The sparkle, the brilliance, and the elegance that diamonds bring can make any individual fall for it. Seeing a diamond sparkle is truly “love at first sight”. This is why Las Vegas diamonds can get costly – you get what you pay for. For the budget minded consumer, synthetic diamonds also exist. However, most people do not know why these diamonds, synthetic or natural, sparkle like stars. Cut – Cut does not refer to shape. When a jeweler says something about “cut”, this actually refers to a diamond’s reflective qualities. If a diamond has a nice cut, then its brilliance will be nice as well. This is the most important of the 4 Cs. The reason for this is that a diamond’s shine is the most effective way to determine how good a diamond is with the use of the naked eye. As they say, a diamond’s heart is determined by its brilliance. Hybrid diamonds have a greater chance of having a nicer cut. This is because experts can control the creation of the diamond as well as how it can be cut more effectively. Question Does cut refer a diamond’s shape? Answer No. A diamond’s cut is reference to the reflective qualities of a diamond. The better the cut, the better its radiance. This is the reason why a diamond sparkles so much. A diamond’s cut determines how much light is reflected. The third is “Color”. This usually refers to a diamond’s absence of color. The clearer the diamond is, the more light can be trapped within it. That is why clear diamonds are expensive. On the other hand, there are actually colored diamonds. These diamonds are valued more because of their color. These colors can range from blue to yellow. Man made diamonds, on the other hand, can be custom made in order to have color. This is because during its process, various substances can be carefully mixed in so that the desired color can be achieved. Finally, the final property is “Carat”. Carat is the weight measurement of diamonds. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Do not be confused with “Karat” with a “K” because this refers to the weight measurement of gold. The natural process of creating diamonds can only create diamonds in little quantities. That is why the bigger the natural diamond is, the more expensive its price. The price of a natural diamond exponentially increases when its carat value increases. Laboratory created diamonds, on the other hand, has a lesser weight to price ratio. This means that you can have a bigger diamond at a lesser price than that of natural diamonds with the same carat value. There you have it, 4 questions regarding the properties of diamonds. Each of these properties determines how good a diamond is.

Diamonds play an important role in the creation of jewelry, especially when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. Usually, when diamonds are used in jewelry making, they are placed into settings for the production of ornamentation. Another way to obtain diamonds is to purchase loose specimens, which are gems that have not been mounted into ready-made jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, pendants, and earrings. In the world of jewels, a loose diamond is also known to provide an assortment of possibilities and benefits.

One of the most important differences between a Las Vegas loose diamond and one that is set involves the accuracy of appraisals. While there are numerous techniques used to identify the worth of a diamond, many obstacles arise when surrounding materials, such as platinum, silver, and gold settings hinder the effectiveness of common appraisal practices. A close second to achieving the most accurate value assessment of a diamond is the ability to create custom pieces of jewelry, including wedding rings and family heirlooms. This advantage allows people to manage the production of a truly perfect piece of jewelry.

The cost of a loose diamond is also different from set options because consumers are often paying for extra costs associated with the mounting and creation of jewelry. The metals used to fashion settings and other parts of jewelry (such as necklace chains) also increase the price of diamond jewelry over the purchase of loose diamonds.

Marriage is always the most special moment of any individual’s life. This propitious moment adjoins two people together in the bond of love and trust for rest of their life. And when you decide to get married, then choosing right wedding ring is probably the most important task for you. At MJ Christensen Diamonds we have wedding rings and bands available in many different styles and configurations, and you can always choose one that is best for you. If you or your partner prefers diamond, then you can get plenty of wedding rings made of diamond. If you prefer platinum, you can choose rings accordingly. Needless to say, the choices of choosing wedding rings for men and women are endless, and you can choose one as per your preference. And if you want to have identical wedding rings for both of you, then you can choose two unisex rings, and you can show your love and bonding with that.

When your luxury watch fails to function properly, it needs to be repaired. To ensure that this is done well, you need to take it to a professional like MJ Christensen luxury watch repair. Here are benefits involved. A professional has the ability to repair your watch very fast. We have the skills and knowledge needed to make your watch functional again. So, no time is wasted in the process. High end watch repair needs to be done using high tech tools that only experts can afford. Some of these tools are complicated and expensive to buy, and we are well-equipped with the latest and greatest. There are different techniques applied in watch repair. A skilled professional in this area has the ability to detect the actual problem with your watch and apply the right techniques to make it functional again.

Shopping for jewelry can be an intimidating thing for many people. Customers often wonder if they are getting the best quality, the fairest price, and the right style for their needs. Finding a jeweler whose quality and advice you know you can count on is invaluable. This is how to find a Las Vegas jeweler you can trust.

The right jeweler in Las Vegas for you will offer a great value for your money. Value does not always mean the least expensive, although it certainly may; value means getting the best price for the quality of the jewelry.

Find a jeweler who can offer you good advice. Buying jewelry from a Las Vegas jewelry store is about more than picking out something beautiful; it is about picking out the prettiest piece to suit your needs. A good jeweler is a good listener who will direct you towards which is perfect for your purpose. Quality is also important. The jeweler who is proud of the materials and techniques which they use. They should be happy to answer questions about gems, precious metals, and the method of creation.

Rings always gave a unique style, identify, fashion statement and status to those who wear them. And if you want to show all these qualities just by a finger ornament, then a diamond ring would be the best choice for that. The best thing about diamond rings is that these finger ornaments can show a class, it can show your richness, and can blend well with any dress that you are wearing. That makes it perfect jewelry for any individual. The best thing about diamond rings is that it can be a perfect gift as well. Needless to say, if you buy a diamond ring for her, then you will see a twinkle of happiness in her eyes that you may never get otherwise. Along with that, you can show your love as well for her just by purchasing a diamond ring for her. Another great thing about diamond rings is that you can get so many different options for same and you can choose one that fit into your budget and taste.

The question people ask themselves on where to buy gold is as equally important as how to buy them. Gold dealers abound. The short answer is: shop around. They are quite easy to find through a simple search with your favorite internet browser. But before you head to buy, here are some guidelines

Here are any number of reasons why a person would want to buy gold in any form. No need to mention all of them. Assuming that you want to buy gold as an investment, consider:

Liquidity: The dealer you choose to handle your transaction must be easy to reach, and be able to handle your transaction equitable and judiciously.

Reputation: Particularly in the virtual world, anyone can tout a fabulous and credible reputation, but can they prove it to you? Find out exactly what credentials they stake their reputation on. Talk to trusted friends and/or relatives who have bought and/or sold gold as part of their investment strategy. While it may be considered old-fashioned, word-of-mouth continues to be the best source for inside information on how well a dealer lives up to their reputation.

Choices: There are two – bullion gold coins and certified gold coins. Make sure you know the difference and how your choice will affect the profitability of your investment.

Informed, Armed and Ready, then what?

As mentioned above, you can find and buy gold online from any gold coin dealers. You can also search the internet for the website of the government unit that crafts the gold. Or you can simplify your efforts with a “one-stop-shopping.” MJ Christensen and their expert team are ready and waiting to assist you with advice and guidance on crafting your gold. Our expert advisors will help you make informed and profitable investment decisions.

The wedding is a day that comes only once in your life, but you can celebrate your wedding every year on your marriage anniversary. In order to make it special, people buy a different kind of gifts for their partners with a lot of research and brainstorming. However, most of the people end up choosing something that does not create a meaningful impact on their relationship. Well, if you do not want have this feeling on your wedding anniversary, then buying anniversary bands would be the best choice for you.

The best thing about anniversary bands is that you can buy it for you and your partner. If you want, you can engrave a special message as well on the bands, and it will make it even more special for you. Also, you both can wear the anniversary bands all the time, and that will keep you connected with each other to emotional level. So, if you are also wondering what kind of gift you should choose for your wedding anniversary, then you can choose it, and you can get all the advantages mentioned above.

Before marriage, gifting and exchanging engagement rings add great charm to the engagement occasion. It is considered as one of the best ways to propose marriage but choosing and buying engagement rings need special consideration and attention. There are some trends and styles have emerged in Las Vegas engagement rings, so one has to keep all changes and trends in minds while buying or choosing the engagement rings that suit to your beloved and fit in your budget. Apart from quality and choice of engagement rings, you have to care for the budget, size of the finger of the bride and also ongoing trends so that the engagement rings bought by you should perfectly suit to your honey. Whether you are going to buy ordinary or expensive rings, you have to draw boundary line that how much can you expend and what is your budget?

People spend lots of time in deciding the size of the ring finger. So without wasting time, it is better to ask the exact size of the ring so that instead of spending time in thinking about the size, you can use the same time in looking for quality and other aspects of engagement rings. In this way, you can find highly glittering and gleaming engagement rings at the lowest prices.

Taking in jewelry for repair can be stressful experience for those of us who love our personal collections and want to keep them wearable for years to come. Knowing how to navigate the world of jewelry repair services can take some of the stress out of the experience. Sadly, all jewelry will eventually wear thin, break, and chip, but the way that we treat and store them can add years to their lifespan.

Certain types of jewelry are more susceptible to signs of wear and general damage than others. For example, watches that are constantly worn tend to break down more often than necklaces that are only taken out for special occasions. It’s also a well known fact that anything made of sterling silver is also known to tarnish easily as well. It’s a good idea to research what kind of depreciation your jewelry may be uniquely predisposed to based on type and material, as it can help you learn how to prevent certain types of damage.

Less common types of jewelry damage and repair will require more time and closer examination on the part of the jeweler. Chipped gemstones are often re-cut and re-set in order to preserve the appearance of the product, In many cases, stones that have visible scratches or smoothed over edges can be polished to improve their condition. This will only effectively erase shallow scratches, though. Properly storing jewelry is unfortunately overlooked in many cases, and can prevent many of these cases. It is a popular belief that separating and storing jewelry in sealed plastic bags is the best way to take care of them, but the vapors the plastic material emits could corrode your gemstones and also lead to the discoloration of the metals. Research can give you the exact specifications for the safe storage of specific types of jewelry.

Some types of fine Las Vegas jewelry repair are more popular than others. For example, ring sizing is a typical request made at repair shops all over the world. Prices can vary from case to case depending on what the ring is made of, it’s thickness, and whether or not it contains gemstones. Broken clasps and snapped links are some of the most common reasons people seek out jewelry repair services in the first place. These are easily fixable. There’s also the process of chain resizing, which applies to bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.

Resizing is the process of altering the initial length of a piece in order to fulfill a customer’s preferences. This is often useful in the case of inheritance or when buying used jewelry, and gives the customer the option of adjusting the pieces to fit their unique style while drawing attention to their best features. Professional jewelers have plenty of experience in these and other types of maintenance. Generally, given the frequency of appointments specific to these types of repairs, the cost is very affordable and is usually completed quickly.

Not every piece of jewelry can be restored, depending on extent of injury. Eventually, the bands of rings wear thin and fall apart, and gemstones crack irreparably. In the meanwhile, jewelry repair services are an affordable way to contribute to the longevity of your collection.

Due to the long history of diamond jewelry in Las Vegas, the importance of being a very long-established and well recognised company is very significant. Customers buying diamond jewelry will need to be safe in the knowledge that the company they end up at has a high reputation. A top tier diamond jeweler will have a combination of these best attributes;

Huge selection of products within their category

This is vital as consumers at times requires several choices when making a selection of the product they need to purchase. If there is a significant opportunity, the chance that the user will find something they like is high, and once consumers love diamond products, it’s pretty much done and dusted there and then.

Varied price range

Whatever the product it may be, the buying of a diamond item comes down to money. A diamond product should be about what one likes, but at times, people do not have sufficient money to purchase the products they need most. They have to be rational and get something in their range of price. MJ Christensen Diamonds has a great selection at the best prices of any Las Vegas Jeweler.

If you were buying a classic car, you wouldn’t go to the seller’s mechanic to have the car checked. You’d take it to your own. Likewise, when you’re buying expensive jewelry, you shouldn’t just rely on documents provided by the seller. You should have it evaluated by an appraiser who is an unbiased third party and who has your interests in mind. Appraisals paid for by sellers are not independent appraisals.

Four reasons for getting independent jewelry appraisals are:

1. To verify the identity and quality of the gems, pearls and metals used.

2. To get additional information about treatments, origin, and quality that the seller may not have known.

3. To have a written third-party document that will be recognized by insurance companies. Many insurance companies do not recognize appraisals provided by the seller.

4. To determine if you paid a fair price. It’s best to find this out from a professional appraiser who doesn’t sell jewelry. Competing Las Vegas jewelers may downgrade and under-appraise the merchandise so they can afterward sell you something else.

Also, sellers may have a tendency to give inflated appraisals. This can result in unnecessarily high insurance premiums. For most insurance policies, the insurance company has the option of replacing your merchandise or paying you cash for the amount it would cost them to replace it, whichever is lower; don’t expect to get cash for the value listed on an inflated appraisal.

However, you don’t want an undervalued appraisal either. There have been some cases where the insurance coverage has been voided by the company because of either undervalued of highly inflated appraisals. Obtain a legitimate appraisal from a qualified independent appraiser and avoid paying more than what you need to in premiums to the insurance company.

The purpose of most Las Vegas jewelry appraisals is to obtain insurance coverage. An insurance appraisal states the value of replacing a piece; it doesn’t establish what you can gain in selling the piece. The type of appraisal that gives you the immediate cash value of your gem or pearl jewelry is called liquidation appraisal. If you’re only interested in a verbal estimate of how much your van sell a piece for, you can usually find that out for free. Just go to some jewelers or dealers and ask them what they’ll pay for the piece. But be aware that the price they offer you can be lower than what you might obtain in a more competitive active market such as an auction.

Platinum wedding bands are created with one of the earth’s purest precious metals and platinum anniversary bands both function as the perfect choice to show the wholesomeness of your relationship. Custom platinum wedding bands won’t tarnish and are usually made from 95% pure platinum. Platinum wedding rings signify honesty and strength, and much like your love, platinum wedding bands won’t fade. If you’re looking for platinum wedding rings or platinum anniversary bands, then be sure to search the internet as there are many platinum wedding ring designers selling custom wedding rings made from platinum online.

Platinum wedding bands are undoubtedly in fashion once again, with a growing volume of couples choosing this extremely tough and dense rare metal. Although more costly than gold, platinum weighs 60% more compared to gold, which makes it harder to bend or break, even more, resistant to damage. Platinum additionally retains its shine longer than gold. Platinum was the prized metal in America during the early 20th century so that you will find a variety of antique and estate wedding bands made from this metal.

Platinum bands are acknowledged to last way longer than the typical marriage, and therefore, are very popular within the antique wedding band community and are found with the most reputable jewelry retailers in the retail and online wedding jewelry market. Furthermore, platinum does have an edge above silver in its color and sheen, and any time utilized as the setting for diamonds and similar colored gemstones, the look is one of pure beauty. A platinum band does come with more expensive than gold wedding bands, having said that, it is a good investment that the owner will love every day as they accept the numerous words of flattery which will come their way.

Platinum, as mentioned above, is a fine investment and will last for the rest of your life or marriage whichever comes first. But one must be careful when buying platinum rings online as you must rely on pictures to validate the rings. Be sure to research the online retailer that you want to buy from before you buy any rings. The majority of ring retailers online are for the most part honest and sell exactly what they claim, so you should not have any problems, but it is always t=best to be sure and do your research before a purchase of this size and price.