We Genuinely Care


diamond-employment-fundWe take our responsibility as your Las Vegas jeweler very seriously, and as a local family owned business in the Las Vegas valley, we believe strongly in our responsibility to serve the community at large. Admiring the CSR programs of big companies like Starbucks and Whole Foods, we believe we have relevant information to share with you regarding our ongoing efforts in the jewelry industry. We’ve partnered with a number of non-profits to support their missions and activities. Please read on and discover how MJ Christensen expands its community commitment from Las Vegas to promote social good around the world.

As the exclusive retailer of MJ Christensen Diamonds in the Las Vegas Valley, we are proud to provide you with ways to say I love you while simultaneously providing opportunity to the communities from which the diamonds come.

MJ celebrates the beneficiation of Africa and helps spread the message of Diamonds For Good. By purchasing diamonds, you help contribute 8.5 billion dollars in trade to Africa, provide access to healthcare for workers, educate children, and improve working conditions for over 10 million people.

Learn more at diamondfacts.org

MJ has partnered with international NGO BeadforLife since 2010, helping increase awareness of global poverty and raising over $100,000 to date with the help of concerned valley residents. We are excited that recycled paper beaded jewelry, hand made in Uganda, takes center stage in our showrooms full of fine diamonds and precious metals. Both have a story to tell, and both change lives.

Learn more at beadforlife.org

Most recently, MJ has formed partnerships with the Diamond Development Initiative and the Diamond Empowerment Fund. These two international non profits have the aim of improving the lives of people from diamond producing nations.

The Diamond Development Initiative focuses on the creation of positive developmental impacts in artisanal diamond mining communities. DDI has the goal for miners and their communities to become an appreciated and respected part of the diamond value chain.

Learn more at ddiglobal.org

Founded by Russell Simmons, The Diamond Empowerment Fund, an international nonprofit organization, empowers African youth through education to be the next generation of leaders in African countries where diamonds are found. They currently support three institutions preparing these future leaders, CIDA City Campus in South Africa, African Leadership Academy based in South Africa, and the Top Achievers Program in Botswana.

Learn more at diamondempowermentfund.org

Conflict Diamonds
As an American Gem Society (AGS) member, we proudly adhere to the AGS Code of Ethics which includes our commitment to not sell conflict diamonds. MJ agrees to not knowingly sell conflict diamonds. MJ must make every effort to fully comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the World Diamond Council System of Warranties.

Learn more at: worlddiamondcouncil.com and kimberleyprocess.com