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Luxury Watch Repair

Luxury Watch Repair

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As a tool that you primarily use to tell the time, a watch is essentially a functional device. High-end watches, though tools, are better made and function at a higher level. The level of quality and attention to detail that goes into the making of a luxury watch means that your luxury watches are a high-end investment that will last a long time. However, maintenance, and even possibly luxury watch repair should be a consideration at some point down the road.

You have made your choice on the type and style of watch that best suits you of the two types of watches, quartz and mechanical. Quartz watches have electronic motors powered by batteries which can display the time in either digital or analog formats. Mechanical watches contain hundreds of small pieces powered by a mainspring.

As with all tools, at some point there may be need
for minor or major repairs.

Quartz watches with its electronic components are candidates for battery failure, defective components, or disconnected circuits. With the right diagnostic tools, an expert watch repairer will be able to advise of the required repairs for your quartz watch if not clearly obvious. Mechanical watches may just require oiling to get it back on track, but if it is more serious, then it may have to be rebuilt from scratch.

As you do not trust your high-end vehicle to just any mechanic, you shouldn’t trust your luxury watch to just any random jeweler for repairs. You have spent quite a sum for your signature timepiece. Maintenance and repairs should be placed with a trusted source with the known capabilities for executing flawless repairs that maintain the integrity of your investment.

Experience matters when it comes to luxury watch repair.

With quartz or mechanical watches, your statement piece should be entrusted to a certified jeweler with the requisite expertise and experience in repairing watches. While we recommend that you can wipe down your watch on a weekly basis to maintain a clean and sanitary device, we do not recommend that you service a watch by yourself.

MJ Christensen Diamonds is your Las Vegas jeweler for watch repair services. We specialize in repairs to high-end quartz and mechanical watches. We provide services from as simple as replacing a battery to repairing any part that may be damaged within. We also tighten, loosen or replace watch bands.

With years of experience in repairing high-end timepieces, we will expertly repair your timepiece. You can rest assured that your luxury timepiece is in good hands with MJ Christensen Diamonds in Las Vegas.