Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds

Many large retailers focus on high profits through the sale of inferior loose diamonds at inflated prices. Most people do not realize that once the rough diamonds come out of the ground, they are separated into 5000 quality specific classifications. As the loose diamonds are prepared for market, even more distinctions and categories are added. Typically, other jewelry operations, such as those in malls, provide limited information to their staff and customers as far as clarity and color are concerned. Thus, avoiding the true details that ultimately determine the diamond’s value.

If buying loose diamonds were compared to a car purchase, knowing the color and clarity of a diamond would be equivalent to knowing a car has a bumper and steering wheel. With competitors knowing few facts, while being well intentioned, they spread untruths about their product (i.e. “because we buy in volume we save you the consumer money”). This is simply false. With every large organization, there is extremely large overhead expenses and quantity pressure.

Who really gets better value?

Is it the operation that can choose the ten best diamonds of a parcel, or the one who needs 1,500 diamonds to cover a national or regional advertising campaign?

Buyers have to compromise quality to achieve quantity requirements in large operations. Common sense tells you this is the truth. Many smaller operations misquote quality specifications to close a sale at high-profit levels. Thus on the average, customers pay 20% to 50% more than they need to for their diamonds.

Your Best Choice When Buying
Loose Diamonds

So, how are you assured you’re buying the right diamond at the right price? In Las Vegas the answer is simple.

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