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Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry Repairs

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You should not attempt to repair your fine jewelry unless you are a trained professional with experience in jewelry repairs.

Trying to repair jewelry on your own can lead to issues that are not easily corrected when you eventually have to take it in to a professional because you were unable to complete the repair. Furthermore, undertaking personal repairs of your jewelry can lead to a reduction in the value of your prized jewelry and no one wants their investment to depreciate.

Fine jewelry is susceptible to wear and tear

It’s important to have it regularly checked and cleaned by your jeweler. Your rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, all of your jewelry, are an investment. They are your valued possessions, not easily replaceable, and cannot be carelessly handled if there is a problem. You should also not have to worry about the quality of the repairs or whether your original diamond will be returned to you once your jewelry is left for repair.

Given all the issues that could arise, jewelry repairs should be undertaken by a skilled artisan who is experienced in providing exemplary service that will not result in damage to the jewelry being worked on. Solid repair work should not show any visible signs unless it is the seeming integration of the repairs that is so expertly done that you are no longer able to noticeably see the issue.

Preventative Maintenance

You should also consider preventative maintenance for your fine jewelry. While having your jewelry professionally cleaned on a bi-annual basis, you should ask your jeweler to review and check your jewelry for any repair needs such as loose stones, loose links, bent clasps in necklaces and bracelets, or any other potential issues. Doing this twice yearly ensures that you are able to address any issue before they become a problem.

Las Vegas Jewelry Repairs

When you need your treasured jewelry repaired, MJ Christensen Diamonds is the solution. Our staff are trained and certified jewelers with years of experience in jewelry repairs. In addition to regular repairs, our extensive repair experience and services include re-setting and re-polishing jewelry, renovating rings, watch repair among others.  As a company that specializes in high-end exclusive jewelry items, we pride ourselves on being able to service any jewelry that you invest in. When you build a relationship with MJ Christensen Diamonds, you can be rest assured that your jewelry is in good hands.