Why You Need

Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry Appraisals

To maintain trust in the jewelry industry, it is imperative that there are options for review and appraisal. Jewelry appraisals will provide you with the average value or price of a piece of jewelry at the date of the appraisal and address any authenticity issues.

Why you need a jewelry appraisal

The document supplied with the purchase of jewelry is not necessarily an appraisal. You should, therefore, seek to have an appraisal done if this is not the case. In addition:

  • With the many varieties of diamonds available, and the fact that some are only of a grade suitable for industrial use, you need to use the appraisal services of a trusted source that is known for its expertise and acumen in jewelry appraisals.
  • For estate planning services or if you are selling your estate you will need the appraisal services of a reputable Las Vegas entity.
  • Your fine jewelry purchase is an investment and should be insured. An appraisal of the value of your jewelry will be needed by your insurance company to facilitate the insurance process. This will assist you in the event of damage, loss or theft.
  • Due to the changing values of metals and gems, it is also important to have your jewelry reappraised every three to five years as it could have appreciated in value and you should always have on hand a current appraisal.

Where to Get Jewelry Appraisals

Once you have established your reason for an appraisal, it is time to find an appraiser. You need to indicate the purpose of the appraisal as this can affect the value assigned to your jewelry.

Your jewelry appraisals should be done by:

  • someone skilled and experienced.
  • an entity with certified gemologists, preferably certified by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society.

The appraiser should:

What Should be in Jewelry Appraisals

Your report should contain details on your precious metals, a description of the gems, including the 4Cs for the diamonds. Also included should be a color photograph of your jewelry and a diagram of any natural marks (inclusions) in your diamonds. And of course, there should the appraised value of the jewelry.

Why MJ Christensen

Built on a foundation of ethics and integrity, MJ Christensen Diamonds provides honest, accurate and fair jewelry appraisals that will meet your needs. With certified gemologist appraisers, an accredited gem lab, and recommended by the American Gem Society, you are sure to receive the best service for your appraisal from MJ Christensen Diamonds.