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Hearts On Fire Diamonds

Hearts On Fire Diamonds

Promoted and loved by celebrities across the world, Hearts On Fire Diamonds are a luxury diamond brand that has developed a unique appeal among the population. As one of the most recognizable brands of diamonds worldwide, Hearts On Fire diamonds generally appeal across income boundaries. But how did they get to a point that they could have a high-end value yet carry a universal appeal?

The Business of Selling Diamonds

The business of selling diamonds is a billion-dollar industry. Though significantly smaller than the gold industry, diamonds have developed into an appealing and expensive commodity. Marketing has had much to do with the development of this industry. And diamonds, in general, are marketed as the ideal gemstone for jewelry. After all, we all know the idiom that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’

In the diamond industry, diamonds are graded along a line of 4 standard requirements – the 4Cs. These standards differentiate between the quality of diamonds and create a system of checks and balances within the industry.

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The 4Cs (or is it 5) of Diamond Grading

Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. These are the 4Cs of diamond grading.

• Cut is queen. It is the most important factor in how well a diamond will sparkle. Cut, however, does not refer to shape but to the quality of the cut for a specific shape. It refers to how well the light reflects, the size of the facets and the diamond’s symmetry.

• Clarity refers to the number of inclusions (imperfections) in the diamond.

• Color grading refers to the lack of color. The lower the yellowish color in the diamond, the higher the grade. Colorless diamonds are the ideal.

• Carat speaks to the diamond’s weight. Weight is an important characteristic because diamonds are priced per carat.

Some sellers will include a 5th C. They choose to highlight either Conflict-free or Certification. Conflict-free diamonds are diamonds that meet for example the Kimberly Process. Under the Kimberly Process, diamonds must be sourced in approved facilities under strict regulations. They must not be mined under duress and the proceeds of their extraction must not be used to fund insurgents. Certification highlights the grading process that the diamond undergoes. These certificates authenticate the grade and quality of the diamond and allow consumers to know what they are paying for. One of the most prominent and respected certification facilities in America is the American Gem Society laboratory. Their certificates are trusted by industry experts and customers alike.

Hearts on Fire Diamonds – Building a Luxury Brand

Diamonds have moved from luxury to mainstream but Hearts on Fire diamonds will remain high-end. And that is mainly due to the brand that it is associated with. Building a brand takes time and effort. Craftsmanship, brand identity and the use of public figures are some of the ways that companies build universal brand appeal and a luxury brand. Hearts On Fire has leveraged the tried and proven strategies of building a luxury brand that results in an exclusive appeal.

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Craftsmanship at the Heart of the Diamonds

Hearts On Fire at its inception in 1996 developed a unique selling proposition by focusing on the cut. This was trademarked in the company’s slogan “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”. Implying that they have perfected the art of the perfect diamond cut, they are able to claim that the brilliance of their diamonds is second to none. Hearts On Fire also differentiates itself through branded diamonds, literally. The Hearts On Fire name is laser inscribed onto each diamond. The diamonds are also serialized. This is a tested and proven method of implying product quality and control, but most of all authenticity. It also builds trust in a product.

Certification of craftsmanship is another way that businesses set themselves apart from their competitors. And industry standards require gem and company certification. Jewelry companies that are certified by the American Gem Society are perceived at a higher standard than uncertified companies in America. And Hearts On Fire US retailers are generally certified with the AGS. Further, each diamond sold carries an AGS certificate outlining the diamond’s properties.

Customers who are expert jewelers often remark that they do not encounter issues when requesting the diamond certification or even getting a loupe (a small magnifying glass used by jewelers) to view the diamond quality and inclusions at Hearts On Fire stores and independent retailers.

Building Brand Identity, the Hearts On Fire Way

Building a luxury brand means redefining how one perceives the item. This includes building an idea about the product, a following, and an ideal situation. The Hearts On Fire team is currently looking to build a rapport and engage with millennials through ad campaigns targeted at this demographic. Their campaign to ‘ignite something’ implies that with their diamond you can start something lasting and memorable. This tugs at the imagination of millennials.

The use of patented products is another way in which brands lend credence to the value of their products. Hearts On Fire has submitted several patents for approval related to its diamond business based on design and quality. They have sought to set their stores apart with a patented design for their retail marketing environment and their display cases.

The retail network for high-end branded jewelry influences perceived quality and value of the diamond. Luxury brands create exceptional and exclusive shopping experiences to engage customers. The in-store purchasing experience makes a difference in how a brand is perceived, especially a branded Hearts On Fire store. The diamonds are marketed through fashionable and modern facilities that appeal to the customers’ sense of high-end appeal and exclusivity.

Further, the company’s reach is worldwide through a global network of independent retailers which improves its accessibility. Hearts On Fire prefers mom-and-pop or independent jewelers for its network of retail stores. They have cited the need for a diamond to tell a story and the independent stores allow them to sell that story.

The widespread use of celebrities to promote a brand is also one way in which brands appeal to customers. Rihanna, for example, is a high-level celebrity associated with the brand. And she appeals to the millennials that Hearts On Fire targets. Celebrities such as her transfer their appeal to brands and help them to engage more with their intended target market.

These features allow luxury brands to command premium prices for their items. But these alone cannot explain the high level of customer engagement and brand recognition that Hearts On Fire and its products have enjoyed since its inception in 1996.

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Are Hearts On Fire Diamonds Worth It?

The company boasts a high level of repeat customers. Does that mean they are worth it? Customers often comment that a Hearts On Fire diamond seems bigger and brighter than ‘regular’ diamonds. This is definitely due to the four Cs of a Hearts On Fire diamond. A diamond has a brighter sparkle when it is symmetrical and perfectly polished to enhance the performance. The ‘perfect cut’ ensures that diamonds are cut proportionally to maximize on these elements.

The cut of a diamond is graded first by the AGS. This has a range from 0 – AGS ideal – to 10 – AGS Poor. Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shapes. On a whole, they are considered the best cut by diamond lovers. This cut allows for better diamond brilliance. Due to its shape, it is already one of the best types for highlighting a diamond’s sparkle.

The Hearts On Fire diamonds are marketed as the ‘most perfectly cut diamond’ in the world. And it is actually agreed that the Hearts On Fire round cut is as good a round cut as you can ever get. Hearts On Fire round cut diamonds are generally graded at 0 by the AGS in keeping with their tagline. That is as perfect as you can get.

No doubt, Hearts On Fire has built a reputable brand!